Become an AIBN IAP member.
Become an AIBN IAP member.

An AIBN Industrial Member is an organisation typically seeking to establish links with the AIBN, promote collaborative research and development with the AIBN and gain access to facilities for the benefit of the Industrial Member.

Industrial Member Benefit Package


  • An introduction to AIBN, including review of facilities;
  • A customised Industrial Member Access Package, which includes:
    • An initial consultation with one or more AIBN personnel most closely aligned with the requirements and interests of the Industrial Member;
    • A subsequent 10% discount[5] on the cost of consulting by AIBN personnel; OR
    • A subsequent 10% discount[6] on access to AIBN managed facilities[7]; OR
    • Combination of access to AIBN researchers and facilities to be negotiated with the AIBN.
  • An opportunity for the Industrial Member to nominate two suitably qualified staff members to be considered by AIBN for appointment as an Academic Adjunct of UQ[8];
  • An invitation to nominated staff members of the Industrial Member to attend weekly AIBN Seminars subject to AIBN’s confidentiality requirements;
  • Invitation to two key staff members of the Industrial Member to attend the annual International Conference on BioNano Innovation (ICBNI), subject to AIBN confidentiality requirements;
  • Invitation to a representative of the Industrial Member to attend an annual Industry Networking Function;
  • Invitation to CEO, or one nominee, to the AIBN Thought Leaders Dinner, at which industry trends and challenges are discussed.


  • Access to a dedicated AIBN Member Contact who will act as AIBN’s relationship manager and will facilitate access to researchers;
  • Interaction with selected AIBN research students to identify suitably qualified individuals for possible future employment;
  • Copies of the AIBN Quarterly Newsletters and Annual Report.


  • A certificate acknowledging status as an AIBN Member;
  • The organisation’s name listed in the AIBN Annual Report as an Member;
  • Formal acknowledgement in the foyer of AIBN.

Annual Fee

  • Standard fee:
    • $5,000 pa (plus GST).

Download a copy of the AIBN Industrial Affiliates Program Prospectus and Membership Form

5 Discount applies to standard consultation costs and is limited to a total of 50 hours

6 Discount applies to standard access costs and is limited to a total of 60 hours

7 “Facilities” means equipment and technical services managed by AIBN. This provision specifically excludes access to or rental of laboratory space. Access may include testing conducted on AIBN-managed equipment and/or training of personnel to use and operate AIBN equipment.

8 Adjunct appointments contribute to the activities of the University of Queensland and gain certain rights and responsibilities associated with appointment as a member of the academic staff of the University.

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