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CBI will conduct research projects within three thematic areas

Discovery of new biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic agents

The research plan for thematic research area 1 is directed towards the discovery of new biopharmaceuticals and mAbbased reagents utilising innovative methodologies in therapeutic and diagnostic mAb discovery, as well as the development of platform technologies for mAb delivery to intracellular targets. The plan incorporates five distinct projects that will run in parallel, with one student per project.

Development of mammalian cells as factories for protein manufacturing

The paradigm shift for researchers from protein expression to protein manufacturing is often an early roadblock when researchers embark on the translation of research. The objective of thematic research area 2 will be to understand cellular bottlenecks for production of therapeutic proteins and bypass those bottlenecks by identifying and modifying relevant cellular pathways, engineering the therapeutic proteins for improved expression and/or manipulating the manufacturing process.7, 8 The plan for thematic research area 2 incorporates two separate projects that will be undertaken in parallel, with one student per project.

Manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals

Large-scale cell culture and downstream processing represent the greatest driver of cost of goods (COGs) for biopharmaceuticals. Process improvements to provide gains in product quality, yield and characterisation are the objective for thematic research area 3. The plan includes seven separate projects, each to be conducted in parallel with one student per project.

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