DNA Nanomachinery for capture and analysis of ncRNAs
DNA Nanomachinery for capture and analysis of ncRNAs

Project keywords

non-coding (nc) RNAs, DNA nanomachinery, Surface Plasmon Resonance, Electrochemistry

Project summary

Subsets of non-coding (nc) RNAs serve as potential biomarkers of diseases. Our group is designing, developing and evaluating novel DNA nanomachinery to perform tasks that are currently beyond the reach of existing molecular readout technologies. In this project, we aim to use these nanomachines as a new technology platform to rapidly detect ncRNA biomarkers in samples derived from breast cancer patients using electrochemical or optical read-outs. This interdisciplinary project will provide an opportunity for students to acquire diverse skills in chemistry, molecular biology and bioengineering.

Project contacts

Lead investigator Dr. Laura G. CarrascosaProf Matt Trau
Research group Trau Group                                            
Contact email lgcarrascosa@uq.edu.au; m.trau@uq.edu.au


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