Functional emulsions
Functional emulsions

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Nanomaterials, Nanobiotechnology, Health, Sustainability, Proteins, Emulsions, Peptides, Biocompatibility, Surfactants

Project summary

Emulsions are ubiquitous across industries as diverse as food, personal care, textile and oil recovery. Increasing interest in emulsions has been directed to deliver systems because of a growing library of lipophilic active ingredients. Our group has led the way internationally in developing new stimuli-responsive foam/emulsion-control technology, relying on peptides or proteins that self-assemble at the air-water or oil-water interface to create a network that can be switched on or off by a pH trigger. Protein or peptide-based biosurfactants offer process and design advantages such as ‘switchability’ and ‘tailorability’, for example tailorable nanoemulsions for drug and vaccine delivery. We also developed a simple and scalable method to produce protein surfactants. This technology can be extended for other valuable proteins, as well as for fusions of this protein with other valuable peptides or proteins for example antimicrobial peptides. A range of projects are available for developing functional emulsions for various applications such as cosmetics, early diagnosis and drug delivery.

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Lead investigator Chun-Xia Zhao
Research group Centre for Biomolecular Engineering
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