Companies are invited to join the Industrial Affiliates Program.
Companies are invited to join the Industrial Affiliates Program.

The Institute is proud of its ability to develop new solutions to the technological issues confronting industry, and has designed the Industrial Affiliates Program to benefit industry and AIBN.

While the extent of member benefits varies according to the level of membership, all members obtain access to exclusive networking events; invitations to seminars, symposia and conferences organised by AIBN; the opportunity to nominate suitably qualified peoples as Academic Adjuncts of The University of Queensland; and access to AIBN public disclosures. IAP members receive acknowledgement and recognition of their membership in AIBN’s Annual Report and on the membership board in the AIBN foyer.

Premier members are also acknowledged at selected AIBN functions and events. Premier members and members receive a customised IAP access package. It includes an initial consultation with relevant AIBN personnel, along with substantial discounts on fees charged for subsequent consulting advice from AIBN personnel and access fees for AIBN-managed facilities.

Structure of the Program

The Industrial Affiliates Program is designed to cater to small, medium and large companies.

The Program offers three levels of membership:

Starting at AUD$1500, these levels are designed to suit the individual needs and objectives of small, medium and large companies.

Premier member

This is the premium level of engagement with the AIBN. Companies receive the greatest level of flexibility when interacting with Institute researchers. This translates as more opportunities to benefit from the ideas, know-how and capabilities at AIBN.

This level of engagement is most suitable for an organisation looking to aggressively drive its research and development activities in areas where access to state-of-the-art facilities and know-how is critical to its mission.


Members are offered a high level of engagement with AIBN and opportunities to interact directly with groups and facilities within AIBN. This level of engagement is most suitable for a small to medium enterprise seeking to augment its in-house activities with access to know-how and facilities.

Associate member

Associate member is an entry level membership designed to give companies an introduction to the breadth and depth of AIBN. Associate members have opportunities to interact with AIBN researchers and explore the range of services and capabilities offered.

Associate membership is available to select non-research organisations, such as service providers operating in areas relevant to AIBN, whose primary interest is access to IAP networking functions.

To further discuss the AIBN Industrial Affiliates Program please contact:

Dr Ian Nisbet
Industry Fellow
T: + 61 431 709 121
F: + 61 7 3346 3973


Join AIBN's Industrial Affiliates Program to be part of a growing list of companies.

Industrial Affiliates Program Members

A large number of prestigious companies have chosen to be affiliated with AIBN. Join them by becoming an IAP member.

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Become an IAP Premier member.

AIBN Premier member

An AIBN Premier member is an organisation seeking to establish the premium level of engagement with the AIBN in order to promote collaborative research and development and/or gain access to facilities important to the organisation.

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Become an AIBN IAP member.

AIBN Member

An AIBN Industrial Member is an organisation typically seeking to establish links with the AIBN, promote collaborative research and development with the AIBN and gain access to facilities for the benefit of the Industrial Member.

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Become an AIBN IAP associate member.

AIBN Associate member

An AIBN Industrial Associate is an organisation typically wishing to establish early links with Institute researchers, engage in activities to support and promote research and development and gain an understanding of the AIBN.

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IAP Events

Industrial Affiliates Program event reports.

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