Phenotypic evaluation of mammalian cells expressing monoclonal antibodies
Phenotypic evaluation of mammalian cells expressing monoclonal antibodies

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Cell and Tissue Engineering, Health, Bioproduction, Mammalian cells, Antibodies, Cancer, Process Development, Bioreactors, Stable expression, Transient expression, Biosimilars, Cell Line Engineering

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Complex protein biopharmaceuticals against diseases such as cancer are a highly-valued commodity. This high value comes from both the costs associated with Research & Development as well as the complexities in manufacturing.  Prof Gray's research group at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) continues to provide world leading solutions in the field of cell and tissue engineering for the production of biopharmaceuticals. Novel drug targets will continue to be identified through basic research,  however the manufacturing of the product will become the translational bottleneck of the process because if it cannot be made, it simply cannot be used. Our goal is to connect innovative platforms with engineered cell lines to produce life-saving drugs such as the monoclonal antibodies and fusion proteins to bring down manufacturing costs and allow access to as many as possible. Briefly, the platform technology involves genetic engineering of recombinant genes and transfer of the genetic material into mammalian cells for protein production. The research group also examines the purification and characterisation of the product, in preparation for animal or human trials.

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Lead investigator Professor Peter Gray
Research group Gray Group
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