Cryo-electron microscopy image of a Micropatch projection in mouse skin (courtesy Dr Michael Crichton)
Cryo-electron microscopy image of a Micropatch projection in mouse skin (courtesy Dr Michael Crichton)
Professor Mark Kendall is an internationally recognized leader in fundamental research and applied techniques on needle-free vaccination delivery systems.
A motivation for his work is to advance the field of vaccines through fundamental advances of the underpinning science, and the application of the science to practical, needle-free vaccine delivery systems – with broad utility.
This is achieved with a multi-award winning team of biomedical engineers, chemists, materials scientists, dermatologists immunologists and vaccinologists.
A notable achievement is the invention and proof of concept of the Nanopatch needle-free vaccination patch, leading to Professor Kendall founding Vaxxas Pty Ltd in 2011, with $15 million of investment, to advance the Nanopatch in to clinical utility and to become a product.
The Nanopatch, an ultra-high density array of projections on a patch, precisely targeting vaccine to our abundant immune cell populations within the skin; generating improved immune responses. And dry-coating vaccines to the tips of projections removes the need for vaccine refrigeration during transportation and storage.
However, there are still many fundamental questions to address within the key domains of the Professor Kendall’s group. For example:
Engineering: the mechanical properties of skin and mucosal surface – engaging these tissues mechanically with targeted delivery devices.
Chemistry: formulation, coating and release of target immunotherapeutics
Immunology/vaccinology: fundamental immunological interactions, within the local tissue site and also at other locations, and the application of the underpinning mode of action to improved vaccines.
The research group is seeking top-flight scientists and engineers to join the team to further advance or more of these key domains.

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