Nanomaterials for  Agricultural Fertilizer Amendment
Nanomaterials for Agricultural Fertilizer Amendment

Project keywords

Nanotechnology, Fertilizer, Cation Exchange, Globe Warming

Project summary

Natural nitrogen circulation in soil decreases the efficiency of fertilisers due to the leaching, run-off and emission of nitrogen. Frequent fertilizer application leads to enormous economic costs and arises concerns on nutrient pollutions. The emission of green house gas NOx and nitrogen discharge into water body have severely influenced local environment and global climate. This project aims to develop novel fertilizer amendments for agricultural applications through 1) engineering a new-generation nanoclay materials with high exchange capacity as nutrient sorbers to prevent nitrogen loss; 2) developing efficient fertilizer formulations by achieving the sustained release of nutrient from the absorber; 3) minimizing the emission of nitrogen into atmosphere and water body to address the pollution problems.

Project contacts

Lead investigator Professor Chengzhong Yu
Dr Jun Zhang
Research group Yu Group
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