Dr Natalie Connors
Dr Natalie Connors
Her research includes modelling the bioengineering of modular virus-like particles (VLPs) to present epitopes of infectious and chronic diseases, such as influenza.
Bioinformatics, computational modelling and molecular dynamics simulation are utilised to predict and understand the structural properties of VLPs and the modularised epitopes, enabling the construction of efficacious modular VLP vaccines.
Additionally, Dr Connors has research involving modelling and MD simulation of functional biosurfactants to understand their behaviour and stability.
The convergence of computational science and experimental science has proven to be a major driving force in the advancement of all areas of scientific research.
Dr Connors aims to use computational bioengineering to advance bio and pharmaceutical technology, and believes this combination can lead to exciting breakthroughs in many areas, including VLP based vaccines.


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Anggraeni MR, Connors NK, Wu Y, Chuan YP, Lua LHL, Middelberg APJ. (2013) Sensitivity of immune response quality to influenza helix 190 antigen structure displayed on a modular virus-like particle. Vaccine 31(40), 4428-4435.
Chuan YP, Rivera-Hernandez T, Wibowo N, Connors NK, Wu Y, Hughes FK, Lua LHL, Middelberg APJ. (2013) Effects of pre-existing anti-carrier immunity and antigenic element multiplicity on efficacy of a modular virus-like particle vaccine. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 110(9), 2343-2351.
Zhang L, Tang R, Bai S, Connors NK, Lua LHL, Chuan YP, Middelberg APJ, Sun Y. (2013) Molecular energetics in the capsomere of virus-like particle revealed by molecular dynamics simulations. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117(18), 5411-5421.


BSc (Computational Biology) (Honours), UQ
PhD (Biochemistry), UQ

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