Polymer nano-hybrid.
Polymer nano-hybrid.

Project keywords

Nanomaterials, Health, Energy, Materials, Manufacturing, Self assembly, functional copolymers, Surface interactions, Nanofabrication, Nanostructure, Morphology, Coatings, Mesoscale, Block copolymers

Project summary

Many inorganic nanoparticles possess interesting and useful properties that differ significantly from the bulk properties. The properties can be taken advantage of in a range of applications including, sensors, catalysts, batteries, solar cells, biomedical imaging agents and photonics. In many cases the nanoparticles are unstable in the conditions that are applicable to the desired application. Self assembly of nanoparticles with polymers can be used to stabilise the particles and also mediate the degree of aggregation and/or higher order organisation, which can also be used to tune the properties, as well as opening up the possibility of discovery new properties. Projects are available in the self assembly and property characterisation of novel polymer-nanoparticle materials and coatings.

Project contacts

Lead investigator Associate Professor Idriss Blakey
Research group Whittaker Group
Contact email i.blakey@uq.edu.au

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