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New test to revolutionise disease detection in people, crops and stock

20 March 2015: A single-drop DNA test invented by University of Queensland scientists could revolutionise the detection of diseases in humans, livestock and crops.

UQ to host Major International NanoBio Conference

June 18, 2014: NanoBio Australia 2014 incorporating the 5th International NanoBio Conference & 3rd International Conference on BioNano Innovation (ICBNI).

School students given insight into high-tech research

October 10, 2013: Placement provides “amazing” experience in Trau Group lab

Students given taste of life in a lab

July 10, 2013: AIBN placement in Trau research group proves insightful and interesting

Innovative research explained during ministerial visit

May 17, 2013: Prof Matt Trau takes Lawrence Springborg and Ian Walker on tour of AIBN

AIBN to lead national initiative to personalise breast cancer treatment

December 19, 2012: Funding for collaboration involving Prof Matt Trau

Critical science at the heart of new collaboration

November 29, 2012: AIBN in collaboration with Izon Science

PhD student set to rub shoulders with Nobel Laureates

February 23, 2012: Will Anderson selected for Hope Meeting in Japan

Cancer deaths and family diagnosis motivates researcher

December 12, 2011: Dr Muhammad Shiddiky's Australian Research Council success

New biomarker centre to develop early disease diagnosis

May 18, 2009: New centre to be formed at AIBN

AIBN team involved in early detection tools for breast cancer

October 3, 2007: Multi-million dollar grant awarded

UQ developing a revolution in medical testing

March 2, 2007: Using nanotechnology to revolutionise medical diagnostics

AIBN part of Smart State strategy

April 20, 2006: Prof Matt Trau heads up international project investigating nanotechnologies for early disease detection and diagnosis

2004 ARC Federation Fellowship Award to AIBN Researcher

March 18, 2005: Prof Matt Trau awarded Australia's most prestigious Fellowship

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