Professor Michael Monteiro
Professor Michael Monteiro
BSc (Hons) Griffith, PhD Griffith
ARC Future Fellow and Group Leader


Telephone: +61 7 334 64164 Email:

Research: Designer polymers: Synthesis of complex polymer architectures

Professor Michael Monteiro has established an international reputation in the field of 'living' radical polymerization to create complex polymer architectures. He is now building designer polymers for various biomedical applications, including vaccines, drug delivery and stem cells. He is dedicated to translating research into commercial outcomes, with 7 PCT and provisional patents since 2005 and start-up company DendriMed Pty Ltd. He was awarded an ARC QEII Fellowship in 2004 and an ARC Future Fellowship in 2009. He has attracted ARC and NHMRC grants; and Queensland State Government funding in excess of $7 million.

International links

Professor Monteiro has built a strong collaboration with Professor Virgil Percec from the University of Pennsylvania to develop and understand the new SET-LRP. He has developed a collaboration with Professor Rachel O'Reilly from the University of Warwick to develop nanoreactors that mimic enzyme activity. In collaboration with Professor Eugenia Kumacheva from the University of Toronto, they developed temperature responsive micron-sized particles from encapsulation of cells.

Memberships, funding and patents

  • Editorial Advisory Boards: Biomacromolecules (ACS Journal) (2013- ), Macromolecules (ACS Journal) (2008-2010), Journal of Polymer Science Part A Polymer Chemistry (2009-)
  • ARC Funding: DP120100973 Prof MJ Monteiro; Dr TP Munro, On-demand scaffolds for directed stem cell differentiation
  • Selected Patents: (i) Release Media Prov. AU2012902396, (ii) Polymeric dendrimers for siRNA delivery Prov. AU2012903138

Awards and plenaries

2013 UNESCO, Stellenbosch, SA Plenary
2013 ACS, New Orleans., USA – Invited lecture
2013 IPCG, Shanghi, China, Invited and Co-chair
2012 Australian Polymer Symposium, Hobart, Keynote
2012 IUAPC POC14, Qatar, Keynote
2011 Australian Leadership Award (ADC)

Key publications for the past five years

Jia ZF, Lonsdale DE, Kulis J, Monteiro MJ. (2012) Construction of a 3-Miktoarm Star from Cyclic Polymers. Acs Macro Letters 1(6), 780-783.

Kessel S, Urbani CN, Monteiro MJ. (2011) Mechanically Driven Reorganization of Thermoresponsive Diblock Copolymer Assemblies in Water. Angew Chemie - Int Ed 50(35), 8082-8085.

Deng ZJ, Liang MT, Monteiro MJ, Toth I, Minchin RF. (2011) Nanoparticle-induced unfolding of fibrinogen promotes Mac-1 receptor activation and inflammation. Nature Nanotechnology 6(1), 39-44.

Bell CA, Bernhardt PV, Monteiro MJ. (2011) A Rapid Electrochemical Method for Determining Rate Coefficients for Copper-Catalyzed Polymerizations. J Am Chem Soc 133(31), 11944-11947.

Skwarczynski M, Zaman M, Urbani CN, Lin IC, Jia Z, Batzloff MR, Good MF, Monteiro MJ, Toth I. (2010) Polyacrylate dendrimer nanoparticles: a self-adjuvanting vaccine delivery system. Angew Chem Int Ed 49(33), 5742-5745.

Kulis J, Bell CA, Micallef AS, Jia Z, Monteiro MJ. (2009) Rapid, Selective, and Reversible Nitroxide Radical Coupling (NRC) Reactions at Ambient Temperature. Macromolecules 42(21), 8218-8227.

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